Currently residing in Denver CO, Lori Amey has played both small, intimate venues across the country, and shared the stage with the most celebrated artists of all time, including Sarah McLachlan, Bonnie Raitt, Indigo Girls and Natalie Merchant, to name a few.  Lori takes her audience on a deeply personal, musical odyssey with each live performance and studio recording, most recently demonstrated by her LP "Big and Bold" (released Jan 2018). The LP reveals the many facets of the artist - the bold, edgy, beautiful rock star, the folksy campfire storyteller, the soulful barroom balladeer, and the totally relatable, accessible pop singer. As the listener, you’re completely intertwined in the tapestry of thoughts and feelings, authentic and clearly drawn from real life, to the point that you're left wondering how anyone has the capacity to feel and express it all. "Big and Bold" represents a broad landscape both sonically and lyrically. The title, based on track 3, really encompasses the overall theme of risking everything in the search for truth. When asked about her creative process, Lori has stated that the goal is always "To be honest and vulnerable, whatever that means in the moment of creation of the song. I've never adhered well to labels or limitations in life and I find my music tends to follow suit." Lori's voice, at once unbowed and then completely vulnerable, along with her widely assorted, constantly evolving musical style and a down-to-earth, disarmingly honest songwriting, make her truly uniquely her own type of artist -- someone who completely defies categorization, marginalization, imitation or cliché. 

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